Free Reads

I know how difficult it can be to decide on what to read. That’s why I like to make it easy for readers to get some kind of a sense of who I am as a writer. At the very least to see that I’m capable of stringing some sentences together without butchering the basic rules of the English language. (A happening which has sadly become all too common in the brave new world of modern publishing.)

This section of the site plays host to all of the work I’ve put up for free. You’re welcome to browse through it at your leisure. For your convenience, stories are listed in reverse chronological order of release. (Scroll to the bottom of the page if you’d prefer to read the earliest releases first.)

Please note that only complete works are found here. Excerpts are kept within the book listings.

Midnight Sorrows

Newly-retired from the NDPD, ex-detective Hargold Thief is called in to Hammersmith late one night. Homicide Unit’s commander, Captain Trawler, is at the end of his rope. Over drinks, the two men put their heads together. At stake? Detective Dire’s future in the department…or out of it.

Predawn Rescue

A long night in the bar for ex-Army lieutenant Griffon Dire ends well after closing time. Hoping for an uneventful trip home, Dire finds himself drawn towards trouble instead. A fateful encounter unfolds in the course of a few breaths…breaths which threaten to be his last.

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