Dire Calls (shorts)

Looking for quick, fun reads? Want to get right into the action? Interested in knowing more about your favorite Dire Crimes characters? The Dire Calls books are perfect for you!

These short works by Mathew Reuther are collectively known as the Dire Calls series. They fall under the Dire Crimes novels, but aim to offer up standalone background tales in short fiction format. The stories in the line range from short stories through novellas in length, and take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to read. Dire Calls volumes are released as ebooks first, then bundled into collections every four volumes. Each of these anthologies follows a theme, some form arcs, and they’re all made available electronically as well as in paperback.

  • Dire Calls volumes 1-4 (known collectively as The Partners) form an arc which examines the partnership between the series’ protagonist, Griffon Dire, and his mentor, Hargold Thief.
  • The forthcoming Dire Calls volumes 5-8 (known collectively as The Uniform) share a theme: a peek at the early careers of six important NDPD officers.

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Day Breaks (Dire Calls 1)

This story is now available in the first Dire Calls bundle: The Partners.


Day Breaks by Mathew ReutherWhen his first day on the Job in Homicide Unit turns up a body in a warehouse, it’s time for Detective Third Class Griffon Dire to start asking questions. His partner’s advice? When in doubt, start with the Goblin Court…

Detective First Class Hargold Thief, veteran HU investigator, is Dire’s new partner. With over twenty years on the Job, he knows what it takes to get things done. Now it’s time for Thief to pass his skills on to Dire, one of the most promising new detectives on the force.

Together the detectives uncover a plot behind the murder of their victim which endangers the lives of thousands. The only way to stop the threat is to bring a sadistic killer to justice. Even if it means going through one of the most violent gangs in the city-state to do it.

Bonus story: Predawn Rescue

A chance encounter leads two men down the road towards a partnership which will shape their lives.

1,000 and 7,500 words; 2 Short Stories; ©Jan 2013; Price: $0.99

Noon High (Dire Calls 2)

This story is now available in the first Dire Calls bundle: The Partners.


Noon High by Mathew ReutherAfter a year on the Job in Homicide Squad, Detective Third Class Griffon Dire is up for promotion. All that remains to be seen is if the review board signs off on a bump to second class. Yet Dire soon discovers that simple interviews are often anything but…

Detective First Class Hargold Thief, Dire’s partner, is waiting with a case as Griffon emerges from the grueling interrogation. The call leads to the scene of a brutal, bloody murder complete with a vindictive sexual overtone.

Dire and Thief have an idea of who killed their victim, but the question is: why? In the end, seeking the answer to that question will cost Griffon more than he expects as he discovers that some motives for murder seem far too reasonable…

7,500 words; Short Story; ©Jan 2013; Price: $0.99

Sunset Ride

This story is now available in the first Dire Calls bundle: The Partners.


Sunset Ride by Mathew ReutherThe end of an era draws to a close as Detective Sergeant Hargold Thief greets his last Monday in the NDPD Homicide Unit. He may be ready to retire, but his partner of six years, Detective Second Class Griffon Dire, is far from happy to see the veteran go. Griffon is desperate for one last chance to close a case with his mentor.

Despite being a short-timer, Thief grabs the call for a homicide in Seaward. Dire’s elation at getting a last ride with his partner is short-lived as sober reality dawns. At the scene the pair are confronted with the body of Thief’s oldest friend in the Thousand Kingdoms, executed in his own apartment.

With the week slipping away, Thief is running out of time to solve his boyhood friend’s murder. Dire finds himself increasingly determined to do whatever it takes to back his partner up. Even if it means stepping outside the law to do it…

30,300 words; Novella; ©Feb 2013; Price: $2.99

Dead’s Night

This story is now available in the first Dire Calls bundle: The Partners.


Dead's Night by Mathew ReutherMonths of sitting idle in the bull pen while his squadmates handle the legwork have left Homicide Unit Detective Griffon Dire restless and yearning for a case. A chance call for backup comes across his link on the busiest night of the year and Dire responds to the request, if only to get back on the street for a few minutes.

The routine stop of a suspected stolen vehicle erupts in a vicious assault as an ambush catches the officers off guard. With one uniform critically wounded and the other injured, Dire is forced to go beyond his training and embrace his powerful heritage in defense of his comrades.

He drives the attackers off, but is unable to stomach seeing the assailants escape justice, and gives chase. Confronted with the no-man’s land of the Warrens, he disregards department regs and pursues. Trapped in a maze of slums and unable to call for help, Griffon faces a fight for his life on Dead’s Night.

Bonus story: Midnight Sorrows

Dire’s increasingly reckless behavior forces his ex-partner, Thief, to bring things full circle as he makes a decision which will change Griffon’s life forever.

13,100 and 3,400 words; Novelette and Short Story; ©Feb 2013; Price: $1.99

The Partners

This anthology consists of the first four Dire Calls volumes in their entirety.


The Partners by Mathew ReutherDire…
Griffon Dire is a former Army Spec-Ops Lieutenant with a tragic past and an uncertain future. The ex-soldier is a lost soul left searching for meaning in the wake of his summary discharge. Yet Dire is also an orphaned prodigy, the scion of a powerful legacy he’s kept hidden for decades.

Hargold Thief is a veteran New Dagonia Police Department detective. A lowborn fighter who has clawed his way up through the ranks, Thief is stuck riding herd on an overworked squad of Social Crimes Division detectives.

Dire stumbles onto an undercover operation gone horribly wrong. As he steels himself for battle, Thief races to the scene. Violence erupts, and the bloody confrontation brings the two men together. It is this chance encounter which will lead them down the road as The Partners.

62,700 words; 246 pages; Anthology; ©Feb 2013; Price: $3.99 ebook / $14.99 $11.99 paperback

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