Dire Crimes

Murder in the big city. Tall, dark, and handsome detective. A cast of extras from the grizzled veteran to the flirtatious crime scene crush.

Think you’ve heard this one before?

Think again.

We’re not talking about some hackneyed Chi-town cop, and this sprawling metropolis isn’t the kind of melting pot you’re used to. Step out onto these mean streets and you’ve got bigger problems to deal with than Catholic dogma, Latin Kings machismo, or Teamster muscle.

Detective Griffon Dire works the Hammersmith watchtower in the City-State of New Dagonia. Officers on the Job for the NDPD don’t wave a gun and a badge; they’re strapped with a fully-charged wand and flash a sigil when they kick in a door. You want to talk about a rough day at the office? Dire is up against the likes of the fanatical Spearsworn, the cutthroat Goblin Court, and the intractable Lorry League. And that’s just Tuesday.

So, no, this isn’t your grandmother’s crime novel.

Dire Crimes is fast, smart, and modern. It’s a fantasy series for cop thriller buffs; a twisted mystery for magic lovers. The volumes pay homage to the grand tradition of cop fiction while blazing a bold new trail of their own.

The Dire Crimes series will change the way you look at police procedurals forever.


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Dire Plunge [forthcoming]

The much-anticipated first full-length Dire Crimes novel is coming in 2013.


"ForeverDetective Second Class Griffon Dire’s friend and mentor Hargold Thief’s retirement from the New Dagonia Police Department brought with it two things: Dire’s absolute refusal to accept a new partner, and Homicide Unit chief Captain Trawler’s decision to relegate one of his most talented detectives to a desk. Months of seething resentment and barely-restrained anger came to a head on Dead’s Night, and culminated in Dire’s reckless and deadly pursuit into the no-man’s-land of the Warrens.

Weeks later, Dire’s attempts to seek out trouble show no sign of faltering. When a young woman’s body is fished out of the water down the street from his apartment after an apparent suicide, Dire decides to borrow even more trouble by violating Trawler’s orders and assuming control of the investigation. But before Dire can execute on his bid to prove that he doesn’t need a partner, his machinations are spoiled. Captain Trawler gives Dire his blessing to run with the case even as he pairs the wayward detective with HU’s newest: an impossibly youthful Third Class straight out of school.

Blindsided by the new partnership—and stunned by Trawler’s choice of detective to saddle him with—Dire can barely manage a protest. Yet as he struggles with his emotions, the veteran realizes the enormity of what’s facing him. Dire must break in a newbie many of his fellows would never even give a chance, and in doing so pass on the passions he found during his own first day: the thrill of hunting down killers, and the joy in putting them away.

Novel; ©2013; Estimated Price: $4.99 ebook / $14.99 $11.99 paperback


Dire Calls books are works of short fiction designed to give readers a quick, enjoyable adventure in the Dire Crimes universe. Every four volumes they’re collected into a themed anthology. Some of the stories (those not the title story in a particular volume) are also made available in the free reads section.

In an effort to conserve space, the individual short books in this line can be found on the Dire Calls page. The anthologies in which the stories have been bundled are listed below.

The Partners

This anthology consists of the first four Dire Calls volumes in their entirety.


The Partners by Mathew ReutherDire…
Griffon Dire is a former Army Spec-Ops Lieutenant with a tragic past and an uncertain future. The ex-soldier is a lost soul left searching for meaning in the wake of his summary discharge. Yet Dire is also an orphaned prodigy, the scion of a powerful legacy he’s kept hidden for decades.

Hargold Thief is a veteran New Dagonia Police Department detective. A lowborn fighter who has clawed his way up through the ranks, Thief is stuck riding herd on an overworked squad of Social Crimes Division detectives.

Dire stumbles onto an undercover operation gone horribly wrong. As he steels himself for battle, Thief races to the scene. Violence erupts, and the bloody confrontation brings the two men together. It is this chance encounter which will lead them down the road as The Partners.

62,700 words; 246 pages; Anthology; ©Feb 2013; Price: $3.99 ebook / $14.99 $11.99 paperback

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