Fall 2016 Quarterly Update?

Apparently I’m working on a schedule which has me updating about 4 times a year. All righty then!

It was a rough end to the summer, a rocky start to the fall, and a long haul to get out the other side, but it’s kind of like pushing that damned rock up the hill when you’re in the throes of fighting depression (anti-depressants only go so far) brought on by a confluence of unfortunate events.

But that’s what was. Now for what IS.

At this point I’m moving ahead with development on a new roleplaying game under a new company, with some new partners. It’s not all that far along, mind, but it’s something I’m fairly happy with the basics of. This is the kind of work which goes on in my head and in notes and snippets for a long time (some might call it a very long time, but that’s just calling attention to my steadily advancing age) and then needs to get shepherded into some semblance of good order.

That herding of cats is well underway, and I’m working on business aspects in parallel. I anticipate being able to share more early in 2017. (Hey, just in time for my Winter 2017 update!) Hopefully at that point I’ll have something more concrete.

For now, just think dark fantasy. Think shared storytelling. Think easy action resolution.

Because that’s what’s coming…

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