Do You Even Tumbl, Bro?

Not a huge announcement, and not one I’m going to be hammering on to get traffic to, but if you do actually use tumblr, I’ve just converted my longstanding (since 2012) but dormant tumblr blog into a mirror of It’s possible to do all the normal tumblr goodness over there, and it even has disqus comments installed. (Though, sadly, it’s not possible to sync the comments between the ones made here and those posted on the tumblr blog.) I really only lurk on tumblr on occasion, so there’s not likely to be a lot of reblogging or the like—just a straight-up mirror of the content you’re already getting here.

So, if you for whatever reason prefer reading on tumblr, or feel like sharing my entries around tumblr as a specific social site, now you can.

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