I Updated The Site, Because It’s What I Shouldn’t Have Been Doing

When in doubt, procrastinate. That’s how you write novels, you know…

So, with NaNoWriMo 2015 here and too little prep done, I spent a couple of days searching for the quintessence of the story I was going to write. Both in the sense of the overarching series, as well as what the first step (book) needs to be.

And, as you may notice (at the time of this writing) there’s a progress bar up on the sidebar which proudly declares that I have written 48/50000 words on No Gods But Us, the first part of Elegy for Halcyon Chimera. (This is what I’ve done with the setting I referred to as The Scape in my last post.) [Mathew: as I’m still getting used to the series and book titles, I erroneously referred to the series as Elegy of Halcyon Chimera in the initial version of this post.]

In fact, that little piece of code is what got me into trouble in the first place. It’s what opened up the rabbit hole of web development and sucked me in. I’m only emerging three days later. Tired, cranky, disgruntled…but with a site that, at the very least, has a couple of new or improved pieces. (One of which is the post notification subscription over on the sidebar that you can use if you want email notifications each time there’s a new blog update.)

What’s next?

Write the damned novel.

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