Freelancing Policy

Before I was an author I wrote for “the man” to bring home the bacon. I still take the occasional project. Often for friends or family, but also for the man on the street. (That might just mean you.)

I’m available to take commissioned fiction and freelance non-fiction work on a per project basis. I can do quick turnarounds, particularly on typical freelance writing assignments. (Though usually that speed means there’s a modest price premium attached.)

My absolute, non-negotiable, I-mean-it-for-reals hard minimum for freelance writing projects is $50/hour. (Which is a stupid bargain for someone of my talent, and the hourly I actually charge is at my discretion, on a per-project basis.) Speed is dependent on the complexity of the task at hand. A batch of 500 word press releases might run $50 each, but sales copy for a website would generally run twice as much per word due to the disparate nature of the two different types of writing.

The minimum for commissioned works of fiction (or “book suitable” non-fiction) is dependent on the rights you’re asking me to sign over, the complexity of the subject matter, and the expected length of the project. As such, you’ll need to pitch a project for me to give you a quote, sorry. For ballpark purposes—when signing all rights away as a ghostwriter—something like a novel is a minimum of $5,000. (This figure assumes the subject matter/plot is relatively straightforward, there’s only a few characters, and it’s a short novel.) For comparison’s sake, a few thousand words of short fiction my name remains on and I’m allowed to publish again (a year after you originally publish it, for example) runs somewhere around the $250 minimum mark.

I accept payment exclusively via PayPal. I also accept barter/trade. In particular, I am always looking for amazing, genre fiction cover-worthy art. If you’re an artist who needs work done, make sure to link your portfolio when you send your proposal.

If you’re interested in contacting me regarding any work, please just send a detailed email. The more information you give me about your needs and your budget, the better I can respond to your proposal.


I’ve had a lot of satisfied clients over the years. Here are a few of the things they’ve had to say about me:

One of the best writers I ever worked with. His writing is enjoyable and error free. Don’t hesitate. Just hire him before he gets too busy.


Great writer! Professional, creative and very prompt.


What Mathew can do with words is amazing!


Very efficient. Great slant. Fast turnaround.


Hired Mathew to write a press release and Kickstarter description and it was perfect. I would use him again in a second.


Amazing writer. Completed project same day. He has a wonderful style.


Best $150 I ever spent.


Almost every single one of the testemonials above was from a client who came back to me for more business. In other words: I’m worth sending your proposal to.

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