About Mathew

Mathew July 2012Mathew is bi-lingual, holds dual-citizenship, and has a pair of hands. This last part is particularly convenient because typing with only five digits is pretty slow going.

As a native Seattleite (and subsequent 8-year resident of the Netherlands), Mathew is no stranger to rain. But since 2009 he’s lived in the greater San Diego area, and basked in the shine of the Southern Californian sun.

Mathew’s education in the arts started early. As the child of two artists (a musician and an actor) who just happen to be teachers, it was perhaps his destiny to become a wordsmith.

Legend holds that as a wee babe Mathew was passed around the dim backstage of a theatre during production after production. It was during this time that the drama and storytelling floating in the atmosphere seeped into the very fiber of his being.

With two kids, a dumb dog, and a fantastic wife, Mathew is presently living the dream he’s harbored deep inside for most of his life: to raise a family and write at least fifty damn novels.

Keep following him to see how that all works out!

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